Getting Started with the Pivotal HD Tutorial

Pivotal HD Enterprise is an enterprise-capable, commercially supported distribution of Apache Hadoop 2.0 packages targeted to traditional Hadoop deployments.

The Pivotal HD Enterprise product enables you to take advantage of big data analytics without the overhead and complexity of a project built from scratch. Pivotal HD Enterprise is Apache Hadoop that allows users to write distributed processing applications for large data sets across a cluster of commodity servers using a simple programming model. This framework automatically parallelizes Map Reduce jobs to handle data at scale, thereby eliminating the need for developers to write scalable and parallel algorithms.

The Getting Started with Pivotal HD Tutorial uses a single-node virtual machine to demonstrate Pivotal HD and Hadoop functionality. This VM contains the PHD software, Hadoop modules, development tools, and sample data.

About Pivotal HD Single Node VM Versions

This tutorial is directed towards users of the Pivotal HD Single Node VM version 2.0 and who received an early-access version of the VM. The instructions in this document will not work correctly with other versions. Version 2.0 of the VM will be available for download when PHD 2.0 is released.

Starting the Tutorial

To start the tutorial, see Setting up the Pivotal HD Tutorial.

Additional Resources

The following resources are also available to learn more about Pivotal HD: